Secure Payment

All payments on are encrypted using secure SSL technologi.

Why is it secure?

When you pay by credit card in internet store your card details are sent to Quickpay’s Payment System. Quickpay approved for online transactions of Bank Payment Service (PBS). Such approval is only given to companies that can demonstrate that safety is absolutely top notch. This includes among others. a. encryption of transfers, encryption of stored information, a comprehensive systematic test, virus protection and use of encryption certificate.

To carry out online transactions must also store approved by PBS. There are some very specific requirements that must be met to obtain PBS ‘approval, and these requirements satisfy HPReptiles’s Internet shop. The requirements include, inter alia. a. that you should never be in doubt about what you pay for, that you must have direct access to information on the return, refund, order confirmation m. m. And that there be costs of trade, which is not apparent. Note, moreover, that the money may not be deducted from your account before the goods are shipped. Should there be anything you do not believe is stated clearly enough in the Web shop, you are always welcome to contact Crowdmade ApS.

When you enter your card number and expiration date in the payment window, the transfer of this information is encrypted. We use SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) that provides optimal assurance that confidential information can not be intercepted by third parties.

Always remember that only your PIN or your signature in the legal sense, can be considered binding for a credit card purchase. Never give your PIN on the Internet. Should anyone take possession of your card number and expiration date, you always have right on your side, and the seller must cancel a credit card purchases where there occurs a PIN or a signature. This of course also applies to credit card-based purchases over the web.


You can pay with the following credit and debit cards
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