Privacy Policy

Crowdmade ApS takes all obligations to customers seriously, and that includes the way we handle the data you give us. Crowdmade ApS undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations with regard to privacy. Privacy Policy sets out the way Crowdmade ApS treats all personal data collected via its website.

When do we collect personal information?

Name and e-mail:
We ask you to provide your name and email address, if the following are true:

  1. If you purchase goods from the site.
  2. If you want to participate in a competition
  3. To contact us, send us an email or offer feedback
  4. If you want to receive news and exclusive offers via email Crowdmade ApS.

Credit card information, billing and delivery address and IP address:
This information will be collected, if you want to buy products on the Web site.

Other personal details:
You participate in the competition for the best ideas for a Crowd Made design by submitting a picture with its history. In this material you may have chosen to submit information that would be considered personal data, eg. Photo of yourself or your age. Such information you are free to if you want to deliver.

How do we use this information?

Information collected is used to manage:

  • Your order
  • Your account
  • Send you messages about your purchase
  • Confirmation of participation in competition
  • Information about your submitted material is taken from the Crowd Made for preparation of design
  • Information about your material will be published in connection with voting competition on Facebook
  • Information about what inspiration material and design that has received the most votes on Facebook
  • News (if you have accepted it)
  • Answer your might. inquiries

If your story and photo will be selected by Crowd Made for the preparation of a design, which will then come to the public vote will your material with any personal information that you have chosen to submit be published on Facebook and other social media and possibly on this site .

Permission from you

You must give active consent for the transmission of news.

By submitting story and picture, you must accept Crowdmade’s ‘Terms of use’ and this ‘Privacy Policy’.

Storage and transmission of personal data

Password is stored encrypted in Crowdmade ApS. Personal data stored encrypted and credit card information is not stored. Data (financial information) will be kept at least five years referred to. Bookkeeping Act § 10. Storage takes place electronically on’s server.

Questions, insight and objection

The controller in Crowdmade ApS is the Director (CEO)
Therese Niko Busch
Bülowsvej 50B
1870 Frederiksberg C

As a registered you always expand and indsigt and you can gore indsigelse mod a record in accordance with the regulations in Privacy Act.

All inquiries with Question, indsigelse or desire indsigt in your personal Bedes you right to:

Crowdmade ApS
Bulöwsvej 50B
1870 Frederiksberg
Tel. : +45 5239 0490

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Crowdmade ApS’ policy is that users anytime to unsubscribe from our newsletter. You do this by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the email you received. Alternatively, you can send an email to customer service. If you have asked us not to send you more emails, and still getting them, it is because the email address you sent your request from, is not the same email address, we send you emails on . See which address we use, and send the address with your request not to receive further emails from us. To do this most easily by returning the whole of the unwanted email. The address we are sending to is at the bottom of the email.

Who processes your information?

Crowdmade ApS (and the companies and individuals who are employed by Crowdmade ApS, is helping to make this Website, its content and its services) will process and use the information you give us, so that we can run and develop Crowdmade and optimize conditions for you eg. answer questions, improve our services and target our services so that they meet your needs.

Besides the above, we will not share your information with other companies without your permission, unless required by law.

What do we do to safeguard personal information?

We do our utmost to ensure that any third parties who work with us to make this website available to you or take care of your orders and requests, agree to protect the personal information they access when they serve our website and visitors. The employees who need your personal information so they can provide the necessary service, have limited access to your information.

Links to other websites

We offer links to other websites we use and recommend. We are not responsible for other companies’ content or privacy policy. If you visit another site, you should review their privacy and other policies.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

All changes to the Privacy Policy will be posted here.