Design by The Crowd

Dear Crowd

Design by The Crowd is the place where you, along with the rest of our crowd, can upload your design proposal. You get in other words the opportunity to have your own personal piece of jewelry, that will subsequently become part of our collection and be sold in our shop. Using a poll on our website you and the rest of The Crowd will decide if your proposed design will be a reality.

The next design competition will take place in September 2017. If you can’t wait then of course you are welcome to sent your suggestion now. We will let you know on our website and in our newsletter, when we launch the next competition. So sign up the newsletter right now, if you are not a part of our Crowd yet.

If you want to learn more about the designprocess, then have a look at ‘the info’ column on this page.

Have a joyfull journey!


It’s all about The Crowd!

Send in new design suggestion

1 About your design
2 Photo
3 Who are you
  • Give your design a name
  • Write an accompanying story about the selected photo. What this means to you and how you want to wear the jewelry.


  • It’s simple and easy to participate. We invite everyone on board – amateurs and professionals.
  • Find a photo, drawing or anything that inspires you. Write a corresponding text on why exactly the photo means something to you.
  • Opload it, write your name and title of the design, and the following will happen:
    1. Crowdmade puts your suggestion into a design template that determines whether the idea will continue. We are working with a width of 2.80 cm, and having a shape that provides space for the insertion of chains and bands. Get inspiration from the current collection.
    2. You will be contacted by Crowdmade if you participate in the design competition, and at the same time we show the result of your idea in a drawing. There are usually selected 10 proposals per contest.
    3. The competition and voting starts. Make sure that your popularity increases, by sending your suggestions in your social network like facebook and instagram, so your friends will help you winning.
    4. The contest ends and the design with the most votes wins. Crowdmade sets the design in production and about 3-4 weeks later is it ready for sale in the shop.
    5. The winner gets her own personal jewelry free of costs. Have a look at the latest winner!

Ps. We produce only 100 units of each pendant. So hurry up and recommend your pendant to your friends :)