About Crowdmade

Crowdmade – Fashion Items made by the crowd, started when Christina and Therese, again bumped into each other in the summer of 2013. We met the very first time as colleagues in the fashion industry but new jobs in jewelery industry and as an entrepreneur in the furniture business seperated us for a while. Now we have launched Crowdmade with our experience in established companies and we love being in close dialogue with our customers.

Crowdmade will let the customers take charge and tell us what we need to design and produce. At Crowdmade we have lots of fun and no restrictions.

So join TheCrowd and be part of Crowdmade.

Functional Jewelry

By this we mean that you can use your pendant in many variations depending on the mood and occasion. It is sold with black adjustable nylon band, so you can easily use it for your arm. But the pendant is also suitable in your necklace, the ankle, in the ears, like hair clips, in shoelaces in …. you decide! Find styling tips here.